The history of Espancid, a family business already in its fourth generation, traces back to the beginning of the 20th century, when Mr. Fritz Wilhelm Streich, a Prussian railway operator, was destined to Pozarevac –former Yugoslavia- during the First World War. There he met Mara Jovanovic and promised her to come back and marry her after the war. He fulfilled his word and the couple moved to Barcelona in search of a new life. In that moment Fritz W. Streich founded the first firm with the name Espancid (formed by linking the first letters of España- the land where they had decided to live- and the initials of their first child, Carla Ilsa Dragora). Espancid dedicated for several years to the representation of textile shuttle manufacturers. But his work was interrupted by the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War and later on of the Second World War.

In 1992 Federico Streich, second child of the couple Streich-Jovanovic, decided to relaunch Espancid. Federico Streich had worked as a bank clerk, later he was the Director of the firm Maderas Ennoblecidas in Barcelona and consequently he took over the general management of Sintermetal, S.A., a pioneer company in the sinter market in Spain. After retiring from this company he founded Espancid once again, aiming to act as representative of industrial products, the same his father had done decades ago. In 1995 Erich Streich, Federico’s third son, joined the firm and so father and son made the business grow together, until in the late 90‘s the father retired definitely. Then Erich Streich took over the general management which he still keeps now, thirty years after the foundation.



Federico Streich


Erich Streich


He lives in Barcelona since his childhood. After a long business history he refounds Espancid in 1992. He keeps the name in tribute to his father, whose company had also been dedicated to industrial representations.


Barcelona, 1965. Studies at the German School in Barcelona. In 1995 he joins Espancid and end 90’s he takes over the general management up to now, thus gaining experience for more than 25 years in the industrial market in Spain and all over Europe.

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